Our people, technology, and leading-edge equipment ensures that we deliver innovative solutions for clients of all sizes across a host of industries. Our focus on productivity, efficiency and cost is achieved through a lean process, cellular manufacturing and the best resource allocation tools available.

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Many of our customers not only have the need for unbelievably precise and specific tolerances, but the documented proof that any one particular part or component meets those specifications.

It is imperative that our processes and procedures are not only controlled and documented, but that they meet the stringent qualifications of the following certifying organizations.


Billet’s clients are re-assured that every product and service will meet or exceed customer expectations for performance, reliability, and safety.

We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system, ensuring an adequate framework for the establishment and review of the quality objectives our discerning clients demand.

Billet Precision ensures quality through a commitment to continuous improvement and by constant quality audits and thoroughly documented procedure.

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One of the largest and most time consuming steps during the production of any high-precision part or assembly is going to come down to measurement. Yes, you had blueprints, yes you had 3D models, perhaps you even have a prototype. But at the end of the day, every finished product that …


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