One of the largest and most time consuming steps during the production of any high-precision part or assembly is going to come down to measurement.

Yes, you had blueprints, yes you had 3D models, perhaps you even have a prototype. But at the end of the day, every finished product that Billet sends out the door must be double checked to ensure adherence to the highest specification.

As an ISO certified manufacturer when we guarantee our deliveries for quality, we mean it. Historically the measurement and quality assurance phase could take hours to complete for every part of an order. We test and measure down to the micron level, and our clients demand and expect this level of perfection from everything we do.

With the latest addition of several new STRATO-Apex, state-of-the-art CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine we can achieve the high accuracy our business practices guarantee, combined with high-speed operation. The high drive speed and acceleration guarantee top scanning performance in a machine that also offers high-accuracy measuring down to the 1μm class.

This means that the time each part or assembly spends in our shop drops, raising our productivity while increasing quality.


The STRATO-Apex 574 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) was designed for manufacturers producing small high precision parts in industries such as aerospace and medical, precision molding or applications that require scanning probe, non-contact laser scanning, video and surface roughness inspections.

The Apex 574 features accuracy as low as 0.7 µm. It uses a 0.05 µm resolution scale and temperature range of 18 to 22 °C.

The Strato-Apex line offers high speed and accuracy in measurement that is ensured by a specially designed machine body that has improved rigidity of the structure, a precision guide mechanism, ultra-high precision crystallized glass scales with near-zero thermal expansion and the incorporation of newly developed compensation technology. A standard vibration-dampening unit is included as a standard accessory to round out this CMM’s advanced capabilities.

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