How can aerospace companies trust the quality of their suppliers and service providers?

By working with AS9100-compliant businesses.

AS9100 is a standard for managing quality within the aerospace industry; it is an industry-specific addition to ISO 9001 (link).  Before the creation of AS9100, aerospace companies would tailor ISO 9001 (a generic standard, never designed for aerospace) to their own requirements – creating a medley of competing industry standards that were difficult to apply / work with.  In order to establish consistency for measuring quality, AS9000 (now AS9100) was created.  It is now the only quality management system used within the aerospace industry.

How does Billet fit in?

Billet is focused on delivering the absolute best components and sub-assemblies to the aerospace industry.

The industry is moving toward requiring all subcontractors and suppliers to be AS9100 compliant and/or certified.  Always ahead of the curve, Billet is already compliant with AS9100 standards – and working towards formal accreditation.

From training manuals and internal/external auditing structures to its risk management, policies and procedures, accreditation will ensure that every Billet process is aligned with those of our customers – so you can count on us for ??